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Rev. Chenin West MRET, CHT
As a hobby artist working in mixed media, I strive to shoot expressive portraits that capture the emotion of the landscape or the individual. All ghostly and ethereal by design. My perspective stems from a heightened understanding in the unseen, a deep well of compassion,
and an enhanced eye for composition and detail.
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The first question from my couples is always,

"How do you say your name?" 

My name is pronounced Shannon.

A french spelling, like Chateau.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you two and creating a ceremony that is uniquely yours. 


After our consultation, I will create a modern and authentic wedding ceremony that represents your combined personalities and beliefs.


I support each couple with a friendly, down to earth approach and relevant writing style. I offer non-denominational, traditional, non-traditional and earth based belief ceremonies, all customized to fit your idea of the perfect wedding.

As a creative, I am passionate about the art of storytelling. Writing a wedding is similar to writing a song. The words should flow with a smooth rhythm and invoke emotion.


For me, love is an art form. I see the world like a scientist but I feel it like a poet. As a hopeless romantic, playing a small role in a couples love story gives me a tremendous amount of joy. That is why I’ve been tying knots for over twenty years.

I have served the PNW as an interfaith non-denominational minister since 1998.  I formerly specialized in recovery after trauma for over two decades. But stepped away from my private practice in mental health 2019. 


 I am a life long learner and have been a student of world religion and multiple forms of internal and external martial arts for most of my adult life. This  gives me a unique perspective of the human experience.

Some say, if you don't slow down you'll miss it. I find mindfulness to be the key no matter what speed I am traveling at. Whether I am neck deep in a cold local water way, or traveling around our big blue dot. 


Until recently, I lived most of my life at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge. There I was left with a daily sense of inspiration. These enchanted landscapes host pristine trails through moss covered forests offering the outdoor enthusiast an unlimited supply of adventure. Between the rock sheared cliffs of the mighty Columbia River, the roaring waterfalls, and breathtaking views of the Cascade Range, the photo opportunities are endless. 

Whether it is your love story, an intricate painting or a rolling landscape caught on camera, all my pieces are moments caught in time. Your ceremony should reflect your time together and your connection, honest and true.

 Promised and Pronounced 

welcomes all beliefs.


Couples are offered a unique and personalized experience that reflects their unique relationship and values.

I am dedicated to creating a ceremony that celebrates your commitment to each other. 

Simple Signings | Elopements | Weddings 
How did you find me?

I am looking forward to hearing your wishes and 

making your day magical. I will contact you shortly.

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