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Science has shown that the contents of our thoughts and emotions immediately influence our bodies bio-chemistry. During sleep, Rapid Eye Movement helps us to discharge our stress and regulate our nervous system. When too much stress or trauma can't be processed and resolved within the mind.

Then these energies in motion (emotion) lock themselves into our cells resulting in mental illness, addictive behavior and dis-ease. 


Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is modeled after Rapid Eye Movement (REM) during sleep. During an RET session the client is guided through eye movement and blinking to trigger the REM sleep state while they are awake and aware. This simulation of REM works as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. Rapid Eye Therapy helps clients significantly reduce their emotional attachment to their past negative experiences.


Our current choices are heavily influenced by the past and our subconscious mind. The subconscious is always duplicating its reactions to a stressful environment because survival was allowed in the past. If you were five years old when trauma occurred then you may be reacting to stress with the view of your five year old self. Once a client is desensitized to a traumatic past event with RET, they can minimize negative thoughts and the destructive coping mechanisms that have held them back in life. RET aids in the re-patterning of thought, allowing choices to be made from the conscious view rather than the auto pilot reactions stored in their body and subconscious mind. 

For most clients it takes about twelve consecutive, one hour sessions to clear basic issues and replace the negative patterns and behaviors with healthy choices. During the first six sessions, work is done to clear trapped trauma on the neuropathways of the brain. Sessions seven through twelve focus on the body learning to retain the re-patterning in the body and mind as well as complete the process of releasing trauma. 


Stress release is only one of the two components of RET. The other is life skills. Life skills are the cognitive part of this technology and interwoven into each sessions. The practice of Rapid Eye Therapy is intentional. For more information visit the web page at

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