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I have been a practitioner of energy medicine since 1996 as a Master Rapid Eye Therapist, (educator and trainer), Clinical Hypnotherapist and Interfaith Minister. My interest in trauma recovery deepened as my work with victims of religious abuse and human trafficking increased.


After being initiated as a Reiki Master, my innate knowing (clairvoyance) was attuned to higher clarity. I sought out esoteric teachings while I maintained my studies in internal and external martial arts and world religion. Under the guidance of many spiritual teachers my work in altered state therapies intensified as my education in Shamanism grew.


Then in 2006, I was licensed as a reflexologist, massage therapist, bodyworker and Watsu practitioner, adding these powerful modalities to my understanding of energy medicine. 

In 2014, I was hit by a distracted driver. This motor vehicle accident left me with a serious injuries. I gave up my practice and focused on my personal recovery for many years. After some time, I understood this to be a profound part of my spiritual journey. Years after the accident, I was still physically limited and unable to move energy for self-healing. I once again immersed myself in my studies and have since reopened my practice.


With first-hand experience in personal trauma, loss and profound healing through Shamanism and Energy Medicine,

I offer a modern blend of technology, behavioral science, sacred medicine and drug free, altered state therapies to reclaim that which has been lost to trauma, heal generational wounds and reclaim your original sense of wellbeing.


As an empath my work stems from a deep well of compassion and respect. Recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of every individual and the Earth herself. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn sacred medicine and esoteric teachings from my teachers and ancestors. I weave their wisdom into each session I do. Though almost anyone can train to use shamanic skills, it is the spirit world, who will assess the practitioner to apprentice and work with the spirits and their worlds.


In my experience accessing states of consciousness for this type of work involves an innate awareness of interwoven realities, webs of life and light, and an understanding of the spiritual principles and paths that must be claimed and climbed, to work as healer, soul retriever, and empathic messenger. 






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"The dreamtime infuses all matter and energy, connecting every creature, every rock, every star, and every ray of light and bit of cosmic dust. The power to dream, then, is the power to participate in creation itself. Dreaming reality is not only an ability but a duty, one all humans must perform with grace so that our grandchildren will inherit a world where they can live in peace and abundance."
― Alberto Villoldo 

Father and Son Taking a Nap


Rapid Eye Therapy 

We've all seen someones eyes move when they are sleeping. This is known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM). REM is our bodies natural way of processing memory and stress. Rapid Eye Therapy (RET) simulates the REM sleep state while the client is awake and aware. This dynamic technology 

combines decades of eye movement desensitization techniques with behavioral science to create a powerful natural release for stress, trauma and negative coping mechanisms. RET is a reboot to ones subconscious mind. Similar to a computer program. RET is a 12 session program that is combined with other modalities to create powerful change. 

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Hypnosis is a personal empowerment tool. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. During your session a your therapist works as a guide to open a door for you to access your inner voice. This natural healing process guides clients through imagery and relaxation techniques to achieve a calm yet focused state of awareness. This relaxed state helps to uncover and release the root causes of your personal negative issues. Because this information is processed at a deep level, it is easier for clients to assign new meaning to their experiences and release their emotional attachment to their trauma. Hypnotherapy is a reboot to ones subconscious mind. Similar to a computer program. This is a stand alone treatment and is also combined with other modalities to create  powerful positive change.  


Soul Retrieval 

Soul loss is not an illness, it is a natural response to trauma. When traumatized, the soul can react to a painful or dangerous situation by fragmenting or disassociating from the body. Problems occur when soul parts do not return. With deep wisdom, these parts wait to

re-integrate with the body in current time. Sometimes the soul part may need guidance to re-associate with the mind body. Shamanic Journeying is used to communicate with this soul part ask it what it needs to heal and bring it back in current time. Journeying can be taught to and learned by almost anyone. Soul Retrieval is a life changing experience shared by many cultures and belief systems.  

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Cord Cutting

It is believed relationships never end they only change. After a client establishes a relationship, energetic cords with deep roots are created. Cord Cutting is an important aspect to ending a (toxic) relationship by a process using eye movement, energy work, and guided visualization. Cord cuttings are also valuable to assist our loved ones to move on after death. Especially if the relationship was unhealthy. 

Assisting those that were lost to traumatic death or abortion are also important healing. It is beneficial for clients to do this type of work to stop any loss of their life force (potential or ongoing).  


Shamanic Journeying
Work with Death & Dying 

Physical death is not the end, rather a transition from this world to the next. Shamanic journey work brings dying clients great comfort. Clients are taught to journey and align their consciousness with those who have crossed over and are waiting to welcome them home. Afterwards clients report they no longer have a fear of death or the unknown.


Reiki Healing


Reiki is the intentional act of moving life force energy for healing. Reiki moves energy through centers, called chakras, and energy flows, called meridians within the human body. Energy medicine explains, that if the energy pathways are blocked, dis-ease will occur. Trauma stores itself in the cells of our bodies creating disruption and blockages. Reiki works to move blockages and balances these flows. Reiki session are 30 minutes and are used in conjunction with other therapies offered. 

Read what our clients are saying... 

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Bridge into the Woods

With three decades of experience in healing with Shamanism and Energy Medicine, I offer a blend of technology, behavioral science, sacred medicine and drug free, altered state therapies to reclaim that which has been lost to trauma, heal generational wounds and reclaim your original sense of wellbeing.


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